recommendation hotel in Amsterdam

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Am looking for recommendations for a hotel in Amsterdam, in a moderate price range, able to walk to major sites in the city center, quiet and not with too much traffic noise. This would be for April 2021 (hopefully). Thanks!

June 2019 we stayed at the Erik Vogel Apartments and found it to be a good choice for Amsterdam. It was less than a 10 minute walk to the train/central tram station. We were able to walk to most places, choosing to take the tram when setting out to various museums. We did hear some noise the first night, I think some trains, but it was not much of a problem. It was nice to have a small kitchen. There is a washer/dryer combo in the apartment. We, however, had a problem with it being too rough on some cold water wash.

Hotel Pulitzer, hands down.

Hoping you still get to Amsterdam this April, I have a suggestion for a restaurant; and I'm not sure they're still open as we haven't been to Amsterdam in several years, but a friend of ours spent 5 years in Amsterdam and highly recommended an Indonesian restaurant "Sama Sabo"; we'd never had Indonesian food before, but WOW was it good; we got a serving dish that they brought out in a table with several meats from which to chose and vegetables that were delicious.......definitely, highly recommended; a link for it:

Best to check the names from Tripadvisor, which I did and found these one best as per guest reviews:
1. Swissotel Amsterdam
2. Postillion Hotel Amsterdam
3. WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam
4. The Manor Amsterdam
5. Hotel2Stay
And if you are looking for some thing under $100 a night then check these:
6. Corendon City Hotel Amsterdam
7. Urban Lodge Hotel
8. XO Hotels Couture
9. Volkshotel
10. Ecomama Hotel