Paris to Amsterdam: Train or Plane?

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<p>Hi. I would be grateful for your advice. Should I take a plane or train from Paris (staying in Marais) to Amsterdam? By the time it takes to get to the CDG airport, check my big luggage etc, I thought it might be simpler to take a train? Thoughts? Going for least amount of hassle, unpleasantness. Thanks!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

There are a few direct trains from Paris NORD station - - no change of train.  For instance there is one at 10:25 a.m. that arrives at Amsterdam Centraal at 1:42 p.m. - - a 3 hour and 17 minute easy journey.  The direct trains are on Thalys trains, high speed and reservations are mandatory.

I would recommend a train - Thalys trains are comfortable, clean, fast and the seats are comparable to Eurostar. Paris - Amsterdam is 312 miles. On my opinion it is not worth taking a plane.

We are making that same trip in August and will definately use the train.  My cousins in Amsterdam recommended we get our tickets online now as the earlier you buy them the cheaper they are.  We got them through Raileurope and it was very easy.  Happy Traveling.