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We're getting ready to travel and wonder about using packing cubes. Do they save space in your luggage or are they just for organizing? Of you use them, please let me know the brand you like.

We use the Eagle Creek brand: They can be used to organize, compress excess air out of large bulky items and save space in the suitcase. See attached weblink:

I thought packing cubes would be the answer too and have bought or received sets as gifts. But I feel I do just as well with zip-lock bags - the 2 and 2.5 gallon size for clothing and smaller sizes for misc items.
My rationale is that: they are cheaper; I can see what is inside (and so can TSA, if needed); they are lighter; they can be compressed by pressing while you close the zipper; and are waterproof.

We love our packing cubes. They aren't any particular brand that I know of. I ordered them from Amazon and received 7 or 8 for less than $20. They keep your clothes organized, and things don't get shifted around in your suitcase. My packing cubes hold an amazing amount of clothes. I used them for a month's trip to southern Africa, a month's trip to India and Sri Lanka, as well as a three-day trip to Savannah. And probably a few other places.

I agree with 1Traveler. We've used the Eagle Creek brand for many years and on many trips. You can see inside the packing cubes as the top is mesh. They hold up MUCH better than zip-lock bags! I wouldn't go on any trip without them!

We love packing cubes. We have various Eagle Creek cubes for different purposes. I like the zippered compression ones as well as the very light ones. We also have the shoe holders. Not only does it keep everything organized -- have a system for what you pack in which ones and use the system on every trip. If you are sharing a suitcase with someone else, then get different colors. Not only are cubes more environmentally friendly than ziplock bags, but also they don't slide around when packed.