Overnight in Belize City?

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<p>Ill be arriving in Belize 24 hours ahead of my group. To meet them, I have to return to the airport the next day. I need a place to stay just one night. Two hotels in town (Raddison and Carribean Chateau) have been recommended, with the advice to take a cab ($35 each way) Is that a good idea or can someone suggest something else? </p>

I've been to Belize 3 times in the last 10 years. I would take a taxi into town (really, there is not much to see in Belize City) and then take a water taxi to San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye and stay overnight there. The water taxis are $20 or $30 last time I went and the caye is so lovely and easy-going. We stay at Ruby's hotel there--it's cheap and right on the beach. If you go, ask for a room on the 3rd floor. There is a veranda that is lovely to hang out on. Have fun!