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I am thinking of going to Egypt with Osiris Tours and would like to know if anyone has had dealings with them. I picked them out of the internet, and want to know if they are a reputable company. please respond to debandhop@gmail.com

I don't know about OSIRIS tours, but the wife andI just returned from a trip to Egypt with Archeological Paths. That trip, which included several lectures by Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Secretary-General of Egyptian Antiquities included several private entries to various sites. The sites we had private entries for included the pyramids of Giza( Great Pyramid, Red Pyramid and Step Pyramid ), Luxor Temple, and when in the Valley of the Kings, Valley of Queens, included visits to a number of non-public sites. It was wonderful not having to elbow with other tourists and we were able to get plenty of pictures with unobstructed views because of the private entries. The trip also included tea with Madame Jennin Sadat, widow of Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, at her residence, the former presidential palace, where she openly discussed whatever our group wanted. Of course, we went to all the usual places, but the private entries and visits to the non-public sites made the trip extra special and something the average tourist to Egypt doesn't get. Because of the influence of Dr. Hawass, we got to go right down to the Sphinx and we stood between the paws while everyone else sees the Sphinx from the touring stand set up around the Sphinx. We had no idea the trip would give us so much extra as compared to other tour companies, but when we were there and saw what we got and what everyone else gets, we realized we had picked a winner with this company.