OAT tour to Egypt, Israel & Jordan


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I am looking for any information on a December tour to the middle east, Egypt, Jordan & Israel. Any information will be appreciated, pro and con.

I did the trip in Spring 2018. It was fabulous!! Be sure to do the pre-trip to Palestine. Those who didn't really missed a special part of the trip. All of our guides were wonderful, but I especially Mustafa, our Palestinian guide. We also did the post-trip.

Could you please share the name of the tour company that you used?
Thank you.

Viking River Cruises does a wonder trip to Egypt with a pre-trip to Israel and a post-trip to Jordan. We took their trip in February 2016 and loved it.

I did the OAT trip to Egypt, Jordan & Israel in 2017. I heartily agree about doing the pre-trip to Palestine--VERY informative and interesting!! WONDERFUL trip!!

In February and March of 2019 I traveled independently in Israel and Palestine for 4 weeks arranging my own accommodations and transport. In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem I used Air B & Bs. They were priced right and great. In Ramallah, Jericho, Nablus and Bethlehem I used a combination of budget hotels and Air B & Bs. The Palestinians could not have been more friendly and welcoming. I met many people who were very happy a US citizen had come to see Palestine. Really interesting trip.