norway r/t cruise in August

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I will be cruising west coast of Norway r/t with Norwegian in August and am finding ship excursions very expensive. I wonder if anyone has used any tour companies from Bergen to North Cape that they recommend. Thanks for reading.

We booked out trip on Hurtegruten through Vantage. We actually spent LESS than if we booked the same trip through Hurtegruten, primarily because Vantage booked a number of cabins and got a lower price, and they included meals and the water package, which you have to pay extra for if you book through Hurtegruten. I am not certain if Vantage is still offering the trip, but I know Grand Circle is. However, people have told me that the Grand circle trip is not as cheap as the Vantage trip was. But you can check both company's catalogs (not their web sites) to get accurate prices and information.

We booked the trip in November because it was the last trip of the year Vantage offered and I wanted to have an opportunity to see the Northern Lights and this seemed to be the least expensive way to do it. I did see the lights, but as far as the trip was concerned, it was mostly uninteresting, except for North Cape and the Russian border. But IMHO, those two stops weren't enough to make the trip interesting. Hurtegruten ships are primarily for relatively local transportation and transport, and the majority of the stops are for less than a half hour, and that's the way it will be regardless of who you book your trip with.

And yes, I saw the lights, but not the way you expect; you see them through the camera lens. the large dramatic curtains are the exception rather than the rule. But if you go late in the year, the saving grace is that you can photograph the lights, IF you have proper equipment, meaning a real DSLR and a tripod. If you want an experience to photograph and see the lights, contact Natural Habitat Adventures; they offer a trip to
Churchill, Canada in January where you see the real deal, and can photograph the lights from under a dome (it gets quite cold in Churchill in January).

Thank you so much for your comments. Looking forward to the trip.

While it is true that the ships are working vessels with fairly short stays at each port, the ship does offer shore excursions. When we took it North to South, we would frequently get off the ship to board a bus. We would then visit sites away from the port and rejoin the ship at another stop. For example they don't stop at North Cape but we went there by bus for breakfast and then drove through reindeer country to meet the ship a few miles farther down the coast.