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I am a single traveler who would like to go to Norway on an organized tour but NOT on a big cruise ship. ( Unlike most people who go to Alaska on a cruise ship, I went on a very enjoyable land tour.) I found one land tour of Norway which included just a few days on a ship; however, the single supplement was exorbitant ! ☹️ Thanks in advance for your suggestions/recommendations Since I have been to the other Scandinavian countries, I just want to go to Norway. I would like to visit Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer, and any other recommended destinations. Thanks in advance for your help ! I would like to go to Oslo and Bergen and perhaps Lillehammer since I am an avid Olympics’ fan and any other recommended Norwegian destinations. BTW.... Since I have been to the other Scandinavian countries, I am just interested in Norway. Any suggestions/ recommendations you can make would be tremendously appreciated ! Many thanks K

Road Scholar has a land-based Norway tour as well as a multi-sport land-based tour ( I don't know if that's the kind of tour you're looking for, as these are fully-escorted group tours designed for senior (age 50+) travelers. Also, I don't know whether the single supplement pricing is considered high or not, and they don't include Lillehammer.

Thanks sooooo very much ! I will check out your recommendation.