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I am thinking about Myanmar as our next adventure and would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations. We want an escorted tour for about 2 weeks. We have traveled through Asia & Southeast Asia many times but never to Myanmar. Thanks, Amy

If you go and want to use USD make sure the bills are NEW. We went several years ago and tried to use some used USD and they were refused. We used Third Eye Travel to book our trip and had a great time. Accommodations and food was good to very good. You will be barefoot in many spiritual sites so would recommend sandals to ease putting on and off. We were fortunate to be in a remote village when Aung San Suu Kyi (she had recently been released from 10 year house arrest) passed through in a motorcade.


I HIGHLY recommend taking a hot air balloon ride over the stupas. This has been one of my treasured memories.

Thank you both for your valuable information.
I will check out Third Eye.
Much appreciated.

See the following link for some up-to-date information on currency. ATM's were not available when we visited.