Mongolia with Travel Indochina

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After researching several companies that offer comprehensive trips to Mongolia . I opted for an adventurous and rather demanding tour offered by Travel Indochina, an Australian company with an office in the USA. I selected this particular tour because it featured 2 days in Beijing with a visit to a remote picturesque part of the Great Wall 2 hours outside of the city with very few tourists; 2 days on the Trans-Mongolian Railroad (from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar) in 1st class berths; 2 nights in a ger at Tsenkherin hot springs where water spews forth from the mountain at 86 degrees C,; two nights in gers at Lake Khuvsgol on the Siberian border (This massive lake holds 3.5% of the world's fresh water) and finally more than a full day at Tseterieg and the annual Naadam festival where one could get up close and personal with archers, wrestlers, horses and riders, as well as other speakers and performers. .Additionally, the tour covered the Mongol Els covered with endless sand dunes, Khustai National Park with several nearly extinct wild Takhi (horses), Karkakorum, the ancient capitol of Genghis Kahn and the site of the Erdene Zuu Momastery and Terkhin Tsagaan Nuur or Great White LKake nestled in a valley surrounded by volcanic rock and grassy steppes. The tour also featured authentic visits to gers of reindeer and horse breeders, Camel and horse riding and many hikes treks including one 7.5Km trek up a volcano and around the crater rim and rocky descent were also featured Several other locales were also covered. 9 nights were spent in ger camps, and all meals were provided. There was one domestic flight in the tour. Two very professional shows were included as extras. Travel Indochina provided outstanding pre-departure data and support, and was able to procure international air travel with better schedules and fares than I could have obtained for myself. The tour leader and local guide,the itinerary and general modus operandi were exceptional and exceeded my original expectations and what was acgually advertised. If more information is desired regarding either this specific tour or the company, Travel Indochina, I will gladly respond to inquiries or comments.