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We will be in London for an afternoon, and would like to hire a guide/driver with an automobile for that period. Any leads will be appreciated

An afternoon with a driver & guide in London would be very expensive, and maybe not the way to go.

You can find London Guides here

If possible have your tour on a Sunday, less traffic.

For an afternoon you can take the BIG BUS tour. You can get on and off and get on th enext one all afternoon.

Consider taking the boat on the River Thames starting at Houses of Parliament and going down to the Tower of London.

Better than a bus tour is to take actual buses (get an Oyster card to pay). Sit up top so you can see the upper stories of the buildings - always interesting.



What do you want to see? Note that if it rains you may be better off in a museum - the British Museum or the Victoria and Albert, both free.