Large 54 page USA Passport

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Is the new 54-page US passport much thicker than the former one (24 page) I want to carry it in a neck-wallet without too much bulk. I heard the paper is thinner now. Linda

Just got my new 52 page passport. The State Department also sent my old
52 page one back under a separate posting. So ..... because of your question,
I measured both. The difference between the two is that the new passport
is about 1/16 inch thicker; width and length are the same. Just not much
difference at all and I seriously doubt you'd even notice.

When you apply for (or renew) your passport, you have the option of the 28 page
version or the 52 page one ..... they both cost the same. If, however, you get
the 28 version and later have to add pages, it will cost for those pages to be
added. Net, if you travel a lot, go with the 52 page version and save the cost
of reapplying for the addition of more pages.

BTW, I mailed the renewal on 4/22 and received my new passport on 5/15 .... much
quicker than I had expected.

The application form has two boxes for the size - one for the 28 page version and one for the 52 page
version. Simply check the version you want. No hand written note is required