Laptop security in South Africa

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I need to work while travelling and want to know about travelling with my laptop in South Africa, how to keep it secure, etc.

There is lots on the web on laptop security -- a google search will bring up more than you'd ever want to know. Some examples are:

Thank you, Joe, for such a lot of helpful information on laptop security. I would still like to know from anyone who has travelled in South Africa with a laptop what their experience was.

Keep it with you at all times. Do NOT put it in checked luggage.

Have taken my laptop there number of times to work on photos. Just like anyplace, use common sense. Do not put in checked luggage. Don't leave it just laying around. Make sure to bring along an electrical plug adaptor that will fit the outlets there. ( Check Magellan for more info and adaptors ). Basically, whatever you would do to protect your laptop at home, do the same thing there. Larry

We traveled for 45 days in South Africa in a rented car and had no problems using our laptop. We stayed in self catering accommodations everywhere, and only on two occasions we used our hosts' computers as we could not connect ours. Usually we had wireless connection.
An adapter was needed. No worries at all about security, even traveling on the "wild coast". Have a great trip.