Jordan tour guide OR tour company recommendations

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I'm planning on visiting Jordan in 2020 for approximately 7-10 days. I'm looking for a really good tour guide who knows the country well OR for a really good tour company that does small groups and stays in nice accommodations. Your recommendations are much appreciated.

Enter Jordan into the search bar at the top of this page. There are a number of articles for Jordan and you might find something there.

Thanks for replying, but there was nothing there that was useful.

Contact Jihad Salamein ( His father was the premier tour guide for Petra (he took the National Geographic people around in the 1950's) and Jihad has followed in his footsteps. He has published on Petra and also has an MBA in Archaeology. He guides throughout Jordan.

Have you used him as a guide in Jordan? Many thanks for the referral.

Thanks for the recommendation.
I look forward to welcoming you here in Petra.

Jihad's father, Mohamad Deif Allah Salamein was the premier guide in Petra for many years, even chosen to guide National Geographic personnel thru Petra in the mid 1950's for a feature article in the magazine. I had the pleasure of being guided by Mohammad three times. I met Jihad on one of those trips and he was working on his MBA in Jordanian Archaeology. Since then he done extensive documentation on archaeological sites and has been guiding in Petra for over 20 years. Jihad will be guiding me on a custom trip in 2020.