Istria Peninsula, Croatia


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Has anyone ever been to this area of Croatia? I understand it's the "area" of Croatia, but when I google map the name, I get great pictures of towns on the sea, so I'm sure it's the Adriatic and looks very inviting. I was looking for anyone who's been to the area and might suggest a particular town or village, etc. to see, stay, etc.

You will love Croatia. So many people, especially on cruise ships visit only (very crowded) Dubrovnik, but there is so much more. The Istra Peninsula in gorgeous.
In Rovinj, the red-roofed houses in the old city resemble those in old Dubrovnik, and you will want to wander the cobblestone streets, follow the paved walkway along the seashore, stopping for great views and ending at a restaurnt for a fish meal. It would be a great place to stay while visiting the peninsula. Most other tourists will probably be locals.
Pula is best known for its Roman amphitheater - the town is well-touristed as it is also a cruise stop.
I spent only a week in Croatia and it wasn’t enough time.

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