Is Istanbul safe for Americans?

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I keep reading that Turkey does not like Americans and that Istanbul is not recommended for travel. Many tour companies have stopped going there. Does anyone have any insight on this question?

I spent 20 days in Turkey during September & October 2018. I was on a RoadsScholar tour that traveled throughout the country with the emphasis on archeological and cultural sites. The final 6 days were spent in Istanbul. Friends questioned the safety of the country however I never felt a hint of insecurity. I’ve previously been to Egypt, Israel, Jordon, Indonesia, S. Africa, Thailand, and experienced 23 liveaboard diving vessels around the world. There was no sense that our safety in Turkey wasn’t at least as good as I felt in any other country. This was my first Road Scholar tour and indeed my first group tour of any kind and I was a bit apprehensive about how I’d like it. The world class sites we saw, the historical and archeological education the guides provided, and the other likeminded participants made this one of my top vacations ever. If you’re into ancient civilizations, like me, I heartily recommend this trip. but speaking specifically to your concern about Istanbul I found the people I encountered in the hotel, restaurants, shops, tourist sites, to be very warm and appreciative that Americans were starting to return. I could sense some negative feelings towards Donald Trump and his policies but as I told people "more than half of us didn't vote for him". It was interesting that if I spent even a couple of days with specific locals they might open up about their disagreements with their own President Erdogan. The similarities between these two men were striking. Go Go Go to Istanbul! Truly an ancient gateway city with a whole lot to see. do, and learn. Also very inexpensive for Americans at this time. I highly recommend it