Incentive to Travel Domestically

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The moderator of a MeetUp group who is a travel agent posted the following as basis for a meetup:"I came across and article about $4k tax travel credit to travel which gave me the idea for this event. We can also discuss travel deals, travel insurance, destinations and more." I found another article: It seems to me $4K per person ($8K per couple plus $500 per child) to get people to travel is incredibly generous and would more than cover trips domestically. Can we keep a pulse on this and how to access it if it is true?

Right now, Domestic travel is not such a good idea. The U.S. now has the distinction of being the world leader in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths, and given the daily statistics, the only states where it MIGHT be safe enough to travel to are NY, NJ, and CT. Who in their right mind would want to go to Texas, Arizona or Florida? It's actually safer to travel internationally, IF they let Americans in, which they aren't because they don't want us to spread the virus to them, as we have failed to bring it under a semblance of control. Travel Agents need to make money, and as of now the U.S. Government is not even entertaining any figment of a tax credit for travel, given all its other far more important needs for the economy. Talking to other travelers is also good, but if one reads the. print ITN, one gets enough information from that source.