Has anyone used Archeological Paths for Egypt?


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HI We booked a trip to Egypt with Archeological Paths that looks delightful but now we are running across information that brings their reliability into question. Would appreciate any insight.

We took the trip last year about this time, and we can assure you that everything went off exactly as planned. In fact, we consider it THE BEST escorted tour around, hands down. Why? First of all they offer you the option to tour non-public tombs in the Valley of Kings & Queens that you can't get from any other company, or even if you travel independently. Next, Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Director of Egyptian Antiquities gives several guest lectures at sites. Dr. Hawass is very likely the foremost authority on Egyptian Antiquities and you don't get better than that. Additionally, because he accompanies you to selected sites, you get to do things that other tour companies don't, such as going down between the legs the Sphinx and walking all around it while everyone else has to remain on the boardwalk overlooking the Sphinx. He also arranges for your group to have a private entry to the Luxor Temple at night with no one else present. He also takes you to several selected sites which are currently being excavated, again, not open to the public. Archeological paths arranged for private entries for the Giza pyramids, and that's a big plus because the interior catwalks are small and the fact that you don't have scores of other tourists around is a big plus. especially you have virtually unlimited time to take photographs. Our group had tea at the presidential palace with madame Sadat, Anwar Sadat's widow, and we had a frank discussion with her. You're not going to get that from any other group. I don't know what your concerns are, but I can assure you, you're going to have the best trip to Egypt with them. I cannot recommend them more highly.