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Does anyone have a good source for an annual evacuation policy? A limit of $100,000 would be OK. Having to be evacuated one of my greatest fears with traveling. I'm a recent retiree and want to do as much travel as I can, as long as I can. Thank you for any suggestions.

Try Seven Corners - http://www.sevencorners.com - click on "Get a Quote".

I've used some version of Worldwide/Traveler's Liaison through them. I've also used (and just bought) TENweb.com, which is an annual policy, but they're only good for a max of 90 days per trip.

I also have TEN coverage and fortunately I've never had to learn the hard way how dependable they are. But I also suggest you look at DAN (Divers Alert Network) which is primarily for divers, as its name suggests, but also offers a reasonably priced evacuation policy for non-divers.

If you plan to be away for an extended time, check Wallach, which I believe offers policies that cover long trips.

Stan - TEN got me home from Switzerland when I broke my wrist. No problem. But when I checked into DAN coverage, the guy I talked to on the phone said that they would not have done so - just gotten me to the nearest hospital, which I'd already done myself.

That's very good to know! The irony of this kind of insurance is that we never know how good it is until it's too late to do anything about it. So thanks for sharing your experience.

By the way, I've also discovered that not all companies can operate in "iffy" countries such as North Korea and Cuba, both of which are in my sights for this year. So it's always good to check with them if there's any reason to think this could be an issue.

We use Travel Insurance Center for all our travel insurance needs. They can customize pretty much anything you want including emergency evacuation at very reasonable prices.

Contact Dan Drennen

Travel Insurance Center
Toll free (866) 979-6753 ext.3621
Direct (402) 343-3621
Fax (402) 343-9959



I second Dan Drennen. He is very straightforward and wants to provide what is appropriate for your needs - at very reasonable cost.

The terminology used in the travel insurance policy is important. "Evacuation" means getting you to the nearest suitable medical facility, which could be a couple of blocks away--or a major deal if you're in a remote area.

"Repatriation" or similar wording means bringing you home. That's critical--it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to be transported home in case of serious illness or injury.

Thank you for all the suggestions offered-- I appreciate it and will follow up with the companies. Also didn't know the difference between "evacuation" and "repatriation" and will be sure to check policies for these terms.

MedJet Assist promises to transport me to the hospital of my choice, regardless.. It also covers me in the US--any time I am more than 90 miles from home. Have never needed it so don't know how good it is.