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<p>&nbsp;My friend and I ( both semiretired, well travelled, active ladies) are planning to visit Ethiopia in the spring 2015. We are interested in historical/archeological parts but also like to see Omo Valley. We like moderate comfort in the hotels&nbsp;though ( cleanliness of rooms, aircondition, WIFI) and small group travel . Can anyone reccomend good reliable travel Agency either in the US or local in Ethipia ? Any suggestiins are aprreciated..</p>

There are some good companies that have itineraries for Ethiopia that are reasonable in cost:  Canadian companies: Eldertreks    and   G-Adventures;British companies: Explore and Rainbow Tours;Australian: Peregrine Adventures.When I traveled to Ethiopia a few years ago, I did the northern/historic route with Explore but since there were no corresponding trips to the Omo Valley at that time, I arranged with Travel Ethiopia (, based in Addis Ababa for a custom tour.  They were excellent!     The guide was well-experienced, spoke several of the Omotic languages.  I have since recommended them to others, who have also been pleased with them. 

 Thank you very much for your kind respnse and suggestions. Very much appreciated :)Zofia

Patrick never takes more rthan 10-12 travelers and goes on  most trips himself. I did his Ethiopia trip a few years ago and it was excellent regarding  the itinrerary, accomodations and local guides.  I highly recommend his Ethiopia trip if it is offered in  2014 or 2015. Check out Patrick Snyder Travel  on your computer.

 Thank you Pinky very much.How much time did you spent in north vs south area ? We are intersted more in the old culture, archeology and traditions rather then animals, parks and pure scenery..

Thank you very much