Day Trip to Hong Kong Territories

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I am planning to be in Hong Kong for a few days in January 2012 and would like to take a day-trip of the Territories. Would appreciate suggestions of who to contact for reliable tours. Thanks. Wally Breitman

A number of years ago I took the local bus to the territories beyond the city and did just fine. It was a large double decker and I got the front seat on top and the whole trip was great and only cost a few pennies. So you might want to explore Hong Kong public transportation. There are excellent official tourism department websites for Hong Kong now.

Here's my suggestion of way to explore Hong Kong:
Check the Hong Kong MTR (metro) site which gives you several choices of passes. Check out the "Airport Express Travel Pass". It is good for 3 days of unlimited usage and is for non-Hong-Kong residents only. The pass can be used for 72 hours once you activiate it (usually your first trip would be leaving the airport). Pick up a Hong Kong tourist guide/map at the airport upon your arrival and determine from there where you would like to explore and sightsee . The map will also show the metro routes (bus lines/#) to all the sights. At about US$40 each, the pass is an extremely economical way to explore the island. You are at your own leisure and can stop where-ever and whenever you want. The subway system in Hong kong is not complicated and very easy to follow and when in doubt, you can always ask around.

I spent my 3 days in Hong kong the same way several years ago during my layover to Vietnam. At the time, I picked up the 3 day pass at the airport upon arrival, but you can buy it online to avoid having to wait in line at the counter. Following is the link to the HK MTR English site to the Airport Express Travel Pass. Good luck!