Chile and Argentina

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Has anyone taken the OAT trip Chile and Argentina: the Andes to Patagonia? We are big OAT fans and are wondering about this trip. Opinions are welcome.

I took this trip last year with OAT. Trip was good, but phone reps were poor and travel arrangements offered were horrible. OAT represents the Walmart of travel in my opinion. and is not real adventure travel by any means. If you are a novice traveler, and want a cheap overview, his trip is for ypu, If you are an experienced traveler, you can do better.

We are Inner Circle and have traveled a lot independently as well. We found this to be one of OAT's best itineraries. We went this Feb-March and took both the pre and post trips. Proper timing will catch the once-a-year Easter Island celebration and competition. The "jungle" portion of the post-trip to Iguazu was an unexpected delight. Our weather was perfect, and our guide, Andrea, the best we have EVER had.

I would disagree with EzyEd: even an experienced traveler would find it very difficult to make all the arrangements and set up all the logistics necessary for such an extensive, efficient trip. Yeah, the air arrangements can take extra negotiation, but there was no "dumbing down" of the travel experience. One of the most impressive aspects of the trip was how the guides were able to find local, one-time events or festivals or experiences, change the itinerary to fit them in, and enhance the day. This happened over and over. We find that OAT under-promises and over-delivers....except maybe their air dept.