changing dollars in France


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I am planning a trip to France and with all the identity fraud going on wonder if it is best to have some Euros purchase in the US...take dollars to change while there or take a prepaid debit card. Is it easy to exchange dollars in France?? Any thoughts.

You may want to get a few euros in the US - maybe 100 or so, in small denominations before you leave home to pay for your taxi fare upon arrival and any incidentals at the airport. I am finding that, especially in EU countries, it is becoming difficult to find a place to change USD. Nowadays, I find the easiest way to obtain foreign currency is to use an ATM card. When I use an ATM, I check to see that the place where you put the card is not loose or there are no threads hanging out of it. I try to use one inside of a bank, not on the street.

If you don't have an ATM card, a pre-paid debit card would work too and you can just use it like a credit card. You might want one that is a "Visa" card as they are more readily used in Europe than American Express. Also be aware that just about everyone takes credit cards and they swipe the card in front of you. Be sure to notify your banks that you will be using the cards in France.