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We are interested in FLO Tours Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia tour in October. If you have taken this tour I would appreciate any comments you can share.

we have booked or tried to book that very tour a couple of weeks ago for 2019. the woman we spoke to said they had the dates and would send us booking forms and instructions to what other information we had to provide as well as a request for a deposit, but we haven't received anything from her yet and we're getting worried. We are going to have to call either tomorrow or the next day. We told her to send the forms both by e-mail and hard copy, which we prefer. Doing it by e-mail is not the way to go. We do everything by hard copy. E-mail is the quick way, but we're not in a hurry. but right now, we've got neither. On another matter, we researched the trips for some time and we came away with FLO Tours because they had the best itinerary and price, and we felt we got best value for our money. If in fact, they are still in business and are actually booking tours. We hope so.

Hi Skunkman. I just saw your comments about FLO Tours for 2019. I hope someone finally got back to you. We booked the Caucasus tour for September 2018 and every time I emailed to ask questions I received almost immediate responses. I am working with Nayda and she has been patient and helpful.
Good Luck. Let me know how it worked out for you.

I am very interested in their trip too. Can you tell me what you thought of it when you get back.


Hi Joy, we are leaving Monday and I will definitely contact you with my thoughts on this trip. We are very excited about it and I hope it will exceed my expectations.
If you would like to me to respond directly to you please provide your email.
Regards, Amy

Joy H,
If you are still interested in FLO tours Caucuses information please email me as we returned a few weeks ago and can answer your questions.
It is a very interesting part of the world and we covered a great distance. There was much walking up mountains and steps.
The people friendly and food amazing. We had beautiful sunny weather during the entire trip with cool evenings.
I'll be happy to give you specific info in an email.

We are also interested in your experiences. I started the initial thread, but was able to book the trip shortly after I posted. We are going April. Flotours arranged for us to extend our trip by piggybacking the two Stans we wanted to visit by hitching us up with their Stans trip after we finished our Caucasus trip. it took some arranging, and they were very accommodating. so we're actually doing the Caucasus trip and are interlopers for about half the Stans trip, on an existing Stans trip that happens to be running at the same time. But I'm interested in your views of the Caucasus trip. Also, did they suggest a company to get your visas? Although we live near the UIN and I have usually gone and picked up my visas in person, but I'm getting a bit lazy. I know there are any number of visa servicing companies, but if I'm going to use one, I'd rather use the one recommended by the tour operator.

We enjoyed the Caucasus tremendously. We had 3 different guides and drivers as we crossed borders and each were excellent and one superb. We were a group of 6 and had a Mercedes mini van in each country. The border crossing between Azerbaijan and Georgia was quite difficult as you leave your guide and proceed on your own. Tour guides are not permitted to walk you to the other side. There was a man offering to take our luggage or a fee but not knowing what was ahead no one accepted his offer
Going through security and customs was easy but there is quite a long, slightly uphill walk with your luggage and carry-on in the hot sun before reaching the Georgia border. We were not advised about this so we rolled and/or dragged our luggage ourselves. A fellow tour member helped us along but it was difficult. That was our only problem as the tour was well done and trouble free
All three countries were safe to explore on your own
Food was fresh and beautifully presented and served
The weather was sunny everyday and warm, nights were a bit cooler
Please advise if you have other questions, I'll be happy to answer!

Thanks for your description. About visas. Flotours said they'll get Azerbaijan for us. Are there other visas needed? Most border crossings just require you to walk a short distance over no man's land. We're prepared for that, but from your description, you say it was difficult. About how far would you say it was? we leave for our trip early April. Any additional information would be helpful.

Hi Skunkman
FLOtours did obtain the Azerbaijan visa $50 per person but we were refunded $20pp because the visa was $30.
The border crossing Azerbaijan to Georgia was quite far and slightly up hill in hot sun. I would estimate a good 1/2 mile rolling luggage and a carry-on perched on my suitcase over the handle. My friend had a large suitcase with wheels which she pulled and a rolling carry-on. One of our tour mates came back to help her after he reached the end. It really was difficult and we are seasoned, well traveled people with close to 100 countries each under our belts, so to speak.
There were men outside the passport control building offering to carry luggage but not having been advised by FLO as to what to expect we declined.
Ask your tour director for specific information about the procedure for that crossing. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

I never responded that you do not need any other visa"s for the Caucasus trip.