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<p>I am arriving at the Beijing Airport late afternoon on the 3rd of January and meet my bird tour very early morning on the 5th of January. I will probably stay at an airport hotel. I have been to Beijing previously and visited all of the &lsquo;highlight&rsquo; destinations. &nbsp;I am looking for suggestions for an activity/guide for the 4th of January.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

You might consult the website of Bespoke Beijing and then contact them by email.  They put together an excellent day tour for me with a private guide to essentially whatever destinations I chose.  If you haven't visited the Olympic facilities, you might put that on your list.  If you let them know what you've already visited, I'm sure they can suggest other things for you to do.

I used China Womens Travel Service ( for both a one day program (transfers and toursing) as well as a multi-day program.  Don't let the name fool you -- they are a full service travel company with excellent guides.    The website is pretty comprehensive of what they can provide.