Apartment in London

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My wife and daughter will be traveling to London in May of next year, and would like to find an apartment for our stay. We did that in Paris a few years ago and enjoyed that very much. We would appreciate any information you have on a particular place, or a good website. Thanks for your help. Edwin Sypolt Florence,KY

My wife and I rented an apartment in London two years ago from airbnb.com. We have used this company in the US but this was our first overseas rental. It was great. We had a one bedroom apartment in Islington. On the three block walk to the tube we passed at least 10 ethnic restaurants!

The apartment had a separate kitchen and living room/dinning room. There was an outside sitting area roof garden (the apartment was on the second floor over Pizza Hut but we never were bothered by the noise.)

With airbnb.com you can pick your neighborhood, price, size, etc. There are lots of pictures of each place.

They bill your credit card immediately but the landlord does not get the money until you check in and the apartment is OK.

I don't remember the exact amount it cost but it was just about 100 pounds per day.

Give the website a look. I think you will be pleased.

Hi Dander:

thanks so much for the comeback. We will be going there in May, on our way to Bangkok for our grandson's graduation.
We will definitely look in to this.
We had used VacationinParis.com for a trip there a few years ago, and loved apartment living. We've recommended that site for a number of people