Apartment locations in Spain

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My wife and I are planning a month stay in Spain in an apartment or condo, probably fall 2019 or spring 2020. We desire a small to mid-size town or city with traditional influences (no modern Miami Beach style settings). First preference is coastal, but are open to inland suggestions. Question: Is there someone on the board that has personally spent a few weeks or longer in Spain, and would be willing to suggest a specific town or area that you had positive experiences with? We would prefer to use use public transport or walking, and quaint surroundings would be big with us. Ideas anyone? Thank you so very much.

We spent 2 weeks in Andalusia region with Untours see link below. They have 6 apartments, provide you with a car with unlimited mileage, can assist with air travel and touring information in the region. We enjoyed our time there. They show rentals for 2 weeks but maybe can do monthly rentals, you would have to ask.

If you would like to spend a week or two in Northern Spain, the owner of Spanish Adventures has apartments for rent in Santiago de Compostela and in San Sebastian. He can be reached thru his website: www.spanishadvenures.com. Inquiry page is at: http://doncamino.com/contact-us/

Both Santiago and San Sebastian are great. Santiago de Compostela has more of a religious feel with the pilgrims, etc.
San Sebastian is right on the shore and everyone walks everywhere. It is near Bilbao, where the Guggenheim Museum is and you may want to visit there. We know a good guide in Bilbao.
Depending on your cultural interests you can consider Granada or Malaga, both in the south. My feeling is that what you are planning will be so much fun that you will want to do another province soon. Have a good adventure.

My husband and I spent a month in Malaga on the Mediterranean coast, December 12-January 12. We stayed with English friends who live there now and have a lovely apartment overlooking the beach. I bet you can find an apartment on VRBO or some such site. Malaga is a pretty city with an interesting old town, smart shops and good restaurants. There is a lot to do in the area, since you are near Marbella, Gibraltar, Granada, Jerez, Sevilla, and many of the white villages. Also, Morocco is just a short flight away.
Our friends live about 3 miles outside the city center. If I were visiting Malaga, I would stay as close to the center as I could. Andalucia gets very hot in the summer, so you are wise to go in the fall or spring. The weather was beautiful when we were there in December-January. We couldn't have asked for better.