Anton Valley, Panama

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<p>Can anyone give a recommendation on how to get from Panama City to the Anton Valley (Valle de Anton) to see the petroglyphs? Is there a recommended day tour? Perhaps a good driver/guide familiar with the area? Appreciate any recommendations. </p>

An Update:
In my research, I found that Just about every tour company in Panama offers a trip to El Valle de Anton, but with a two or four person minimum. For one person traveling, I received quotes as high as $250. for the day tour. Luckily,just before the day I wanted to visit, Sendero Panama  ( consented to do the tour for one person at a reasonable price. El Valle de Anton is about 2 1/2 hours away from Panama City and the big event (for me) was seeing the petroglyphs. The 9 hour tour also included a nature walk, a visited to local artisan market, some bird watching and and lunch.  Christian Gernez, the guide, was excellent. Sendero Panama is a very professional outfit and I would recommend them to anyone visiting Panama as they offer a full range of day trips as well as longer itineraries and are very easy to work with.