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<p>What is the agricultural rule when entering Chile? Is one permitted to bring trail mix, dried fruit, snacks into the country as long as it is in the original packaging and has not been opened? OAT information was not at all clear and the Chilean embassy referred me to a website that had nothing to do with this. </p>

Hi Shirley: I was in Chile about three years ago and did not have any problems with bringing in store bought packaged food like the ones you mentioned. Don't take any fresh produce with you. You will be given a form to fill out so it is best to declare any food you have and let the officials take a look at it. If you make your own trail mix, better to take the components in their original containers, then mix and put into baggies after you enter the country, just to be safe. You might also consider buying your trail mix components in-country (especially the dried fruit) as there are supermarkets all over Chile.
There is also a short article in the ITN Magazine archives that might be of interest:

To Adventuregirl: Many thanks for your very helpful information. Think I will just plan to buy whatever I want after I get over there. That will be the safest way. And I have better things to do with $200 than a fine.