African Safari with a CPAP?

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<p>I would love to do an African Safari but have always hesitated because of concerns about being able to use my CPAP respiratory machine which would require electricity at night. If I had to miss a few nights, I would not actually die but either I would not be able to sleep or I would snore so loud anyone within 50 yards would hate me the next morning! </p> <p>Have any other CPAP users traveled with any company where the accommodations would have a fairly reliable electrical overnight? Is so, I would love to hear about it. Vantage Travel salesperson claimed their Tanzania/Kenya trip would do it but I wondered if he really knew for sure. </p>

My husband and I traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel to Kenya and Tanzania two years ago. My husband had no problem using his CPAP. However, he travels with a backup battery pack as he cannot go without it for even one night. He even uses it on the airplane to sleep. There were no problems in the lodges, nor in the tented cabins. In fact, one of the tent camps in the Masai Mara left their generator on all night to accommodate him. If they insisted on shutting down their generator at night, then he would charge the battery during the day. Make sure you leave home with a full battery charge. It's a fabulous experience. Have a great time.

My CPAP did not come with a battery. Where did you get yours and what capacity is it?

I use a CPAP at home in the US, but do not take it ti Asia, S. America or Africa. Batteries are fine, but VERY expensive and facilities are not always available to recharge them, nor is there always enough time to do a full recharge. I use breathe right strips and a desnore spray instead on trips and have had no trouble.

My partner uses a CPAP machine and in the past six months, I did extensive research on taking an African safari relative to this. We have not chosen a tour yet, but responses fell into 3 categories:
1) Choose another place to travel
2) All our accommodations have 24-hr electricity
3) We'll work with you and make sure there is electricity
BTW, OAT recommended not going on their Africa tours because of the electricity issues.
Since then, we have found relatively lightweight and cheaper battery backup systems. Weigh maybe 4 pounds and cost around $400. A few years ago, they were very heavy and very expensive.
Claire Wilson

Thanks for reply Claire. Where did you find the lightweight/cheaper battery backup system?

several years ago a friend traveled with me to Kruger Park. He had a CPAP and had no problems at all. South Africa and Kruger Park are good places to go.

I am taking the time to comment because I was SO WORRIED for a whole year about not being able to use my CPAP on this wonderful vacation to Kenya. We traveled last week with Natural World Kenyan Safaris(#1 on Trip Advisor) . We opted for the TENTED campsites. We did tell the organizer ahead of time that for medical reasons we would need electricity. I had electricity the ENTIRE 12 days. All I needed was an adapter (G is the one that works) that worked for Kenya and a power converter. They changed us to all walled lodging at the Sopa Lodges (Amboseli, Naivasha, Nakuru and Masai Mara). The electricity was kept on all night at Nakuru , Naivasha and Masai Mara. It is run by generator at Amboseli. Upon check in our guide told them that I needed electricity for medical reasons. When the electricity was turned off around midnight there was a 6 minute delay each night and then in OUR ROOM ONLY the power came back on. So I woke up at around midnight and remained awake for about 6 minutes and then my cpap came back on. I was prepared to go a few miserable nights with NO CPAP. In fact I brought pillows to prop my head up. I never had to do this. Just tell them that for medical reasons you need power. Tell them in advance. I didn't pay a penny more to have the generator run all night. What a FABULOUS vacation we had last week! I will not go back because I hated the long flight. BUT.....if I did I would not worry one minute about not being able to use my cpap!