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My husband and I are interested in a safari in Tanzania next year. Has anyone used the company Africa 2000? We are interested in good wildlife viewing without a lot of crowds--would sacrifice luxury accommodations for good game drives. Thank you very much for any responses or suggestions.

The Serengeti is ALWAYS crowded, no matter whom you book with. If you want a trip with fewer crowds,I would suggest you look at Southern Africa( Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa ). You're likely to find fewer crowds there. The terrain is different, as Southern Africa is forest, while the Serengeti is broad plain. In Southern Africa, you'll see the animals much closer than in the Serengeti, but you won't see the vast numbers that you'll see in the Serengeti; but you'll see them all, and as I said, much closer up. Any number of companies can take you to any number of places in Southern Africa, but I would recommend, Overseas Adventure Travel( OAT ). Their trips are generally less expensive for the same amount. of time and game drives simply because they have far greater economies scale due to their tremendous inventory of trips. And their groups are no more than 16.

In relation to what Skunkman offered, I can say that you will love Botswana. I have not been to the Serengeti, but my husband and I were in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa in May-June 2018. It was a wonderful trip without crowds, as that time of year is a shoulder season. We used Bushbaby Safaris ( in South Africa to design a custom trip for us and were extremely happy. I compared Bushbaby's prices against OAT and a couple of other tour companies, and they were competitive; perhaps even a little less than organized tours that did not give me everything I wanted. We went to Victoria Falls, then to the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park in Botswana, then on to South Africa. We were scheduled to go to Namibia, but (rotten luck), all planes on SAA Express were grounded the day before we were to leave. Karen Duval with Bushbaby acted quickly and got us a flight and accommodation at a safari camp in Kruger National Park. Unless you are dead set on the Seregeti, I would seriously consider taking Skunkman's advice about southern Africa.