13 Day Kaliedoscope of Morocco Tour with Gate1

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My husband and I will be taking this tour March 2019 and would like some feedback from anyone who has taken this tour. We have traveled on 6 other Gate1 tours over the last few years and were quite pleased but Morocco may be a more challenging trip. Thank you in advance!

We too have traveled with Gate 1. We have traveled to Morocco with OAT but to different places. In the tour you mentioned, the description in the section "IS this trip right for you?" it gave a good outline of the tour. The long 9 hour bus trip or the full day Fez optional tour of 4 hours of walking are the only things that may be challenging. The rest of the tour is pretty standard Gate 1 tours. If the 9 hour bus trip or the Fez optional tour (it is optional and you don't have to take it) are too much for you then you may want to reconsider taking the trip. Otherwise it seems to be a pretty standard trip.