This is the July 2021 issue


An amazing Kenyan safari amid the pandemic
By Christina Skinner
Appears on Page 6

Travelers' Intercom

African elephants. Photos by George Anderson
A primer on game-drive photo safaris in Africa
By George & Sandra Anderson
Appears on Page 12
The app
By Stanley Mui
Appears on Page 15
The red, blue and white stickpins mark places particular travelers have been or lived. Photos by Chuck Adams
Mapping our adventures
By Chuck Adams
Appears on Page 23

Calling All Readers!

Jerry Vetowich talking to His Excellency the 9th Neyphug Trulku in Bhutan. Photo by Nili Olay
Pleasant travel surprises (Part 4)
Appears on Page 16
Covid 19 Travel
COVID consequences (Part 11)
Appears on Page 19

Essay Contest Winners

Flag of Chile
Chilling Out in Chile - Winners
Appears on Page 21

Calling All Readers! Call for Submissions

Travel etiquette
Appears on Page 29
Favorite Foods
Appears on Page 29


A coppersmith in Montepulciano, Italy.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Artisan Europe
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Andalucía celebrates life with soul and with passion.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Hair-trigger flamenco in Andalucía
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

The heretic Giordano Bruno stands on the spot where he was burned.
Rick Steves’ Europe: A romantic breeze in Rome
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Stonehenge, a celestial calendar marking the seasons for 4,000 years.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Mysterious Britain
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

A Hoffman’s two-toed sloth — Costa Rica.
Airlines reimpose ticket-change fees. Countries' COVID-related entry requirements.
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 4
Village pubs provide fuel (and memories) for hikers. Photo by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli
The Cotswolds — thatched kingdom of quaint
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 25
The Templo de Santiago in Mexico City. (Note the parishioners gathered around tables near the side entrance for an al fresco breakfast.) Photos by Julie Skurdenis
Mexico City - Plaza of the Three Cultures
Focus on Archaeology

By Julie Skurdenis
Appears on Page 26

Funniest Thing

Extricating yourself from a tight situation
By Sonia Ibanez
Appears on Page 23

Where in the World? Correct Answers