This is the June 2021 issue


Exploring Italy’s Borromean Islands
By George Nevin
Appears on Page 6

Travelers' Intercom

World Expo fan
By Fred Steinberg
Appears on Page 12
Female western lowland gorilla with baby — Republic of the Congo. Photos by Günther Eichhorn
Gorilla tracking at its best
By Günther Eichhorn
Appears on Page 13
Hotel preferences
By Stanley Mui
Appears on Page 14
The Dolomites in northern Italy. Photos by Liz Fischer
The Dolomites in northern Italy
By Liz Fischer
Appears on Page 22
On kayaks, we got within 75 feet of this (perhaps) 3-year-old grizzly, who seemed completely at peace with us. Photo by Steven Sugar
Travelers’ Intercom USA
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Calling All Readers!

Woman sitting on luggage.
COVID consequences (Part 10)
Appears on Page 16
Sun going down behind seven huge, cantilevered fishing nets in the island of Vypin.
Pleasant travel surprises
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Bacharach (below its ruined chapel) on the Rhine River.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Bacharach: Legends and sagas on the Rhine
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Civita, perched on a pinnacle.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Civita di Bagnoregio: Italy’s dead town
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

A rustic sauna in a workaday Helsinki neighborhood.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Helsinki: ‘Relax ... I wash you twice’
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Istanbul, with the Galata Bridge spanning the Golden Horn.
Rick Steves’ Europe: Déjà Vu in Istanbul
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

The 5th-century monastery of St. George lies in the gorge of Wadi Qelt, between Jerusalem and Jericho. Photo: ©kavram/
Travel Advisories update. EU to welcome vaccinated travelers. A look at COVID tests required by countries
Boarding Pass

By David Tykol
Appears on Page 4
Grandson J.J. with his grand catch. Photos by Sandra Scott
What’s Cooking in… Nicaragua
What's Cooking in...

By Sandra Scott
Appears on Page 25
Perched above Bergen, Norway. Photo by Rick Steves
Norway: the old country and a new outlook
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 26
On-the-Road Travel Tips (part 15)
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 27
The Geografile
The Geografile

By Bryan Henry
Appears on Page 27

Funniest Thing

Where is he taking us?
By Mary Hesse Jenkins
Appears on Page 23

Where in the World? Correct Answers