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Travelers' Intercom

Exterior of La Cité du Vin. Photos by Stephen Addison
La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux
By Stephen Addison
Appears on Page 14
Around the world in (almost) 80 days
By W. John Swartz
Appears on Page 16
Libby Cagle with a lemur on her shoulder, at Varuna Resort in Madagascar. Photo by Roger McDaniels
Breaking a leg in the bush
By Libby Cagle
Appears on Page 26
The Qatar Airways experience
By Rochelle Wolk
Appears on Page 28
Caucasus with Kutrubes
By Emilee Hines Cantieri
Appears on Page 28
‘Sunny Portugal’ with Collette
By Philip Shart
Appears on Page 30
‘Wonderful’ guide in Mexico
By Connie Martin
Appears on Page 30
‘Great service’ from Tour Beijing
By Varun Agnihotri
Appears on Page 31
Earning miles on partner airlines
By Mike Harrison
Appears on Page 50
Online tickets pros, con
By Robert A. Siebert
Appears on Page 50
‘Locomotives International’
By P. Kumelowski
Appears on Page 50
Bay of Fundy and tidal bores
By KT Porter
Appears on Page 50

Calling All Readers!

frequent flyer miles airplane
Mileage program comparisons
Appears on Page 37
The train Lézard Rouge in the Seldja Gorge — Tunisia. Photo by Stephen Addison
Narrow-gauge and offbeat railways
Appears on Page 40

Calling All Readers! Call for Submissions

Day pack hiking tours
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Pienza’s classic main square — with a city hall, two palaces, and a cathedral — is famous for its elegance and artistic unity.
Tuscany for beginners
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Newgrange’s facade is a mosaic of white quartz and dark granite. Above the doorway is a square window, which plays a key role illuminating the sacred chamber during the winter solstice.
A dazzling Dublin day trip
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

From folk architecture to elegant windmills, the Netherlands Open Air Museum is a one-stop look at traditional Dutch culture.
Time-traveling at Europe's open-air museums
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

The town of Chartres is worth an overnight to take in its nighttime sound-and-light show, which incorporates 24 sites in an illuminated tour.
Chartres Cathedral: The age of faith in stone and stained glass
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

Scotland’s sparsely populated Isle of Skye is easiest to explore with a set of wheels that allow you to enjoy the scenery at your own pace.
How to survive a European road trip
Rick Steves' Europe Supplemental

By Rick Steves

A visitor admires Lorenzo Ghiberti’s “Gates of Paradise” in Florence’s newly refurbished Duomo Museum. Photo by Rick Steves
Italy, France, Belgium & Netherlands in 2017
Rick Steves' Europe

By Rick Steves
Appears on Page 53
Zura Shev­ardnadze, the owner of Gardenia in Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo by Yvonne Michie Horn
Gardenia Shevardnadze in Tbilisi, Georgia
The Garden Path

By Yvonne Michie Horn
Appears on Page 55
Miramar Ocean View rooms at Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort — Sint Maarten. Photo by Randy Keck
Exploring Sint Maarten/Saint-Martin
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 57

Funniest Thing

Unexpected amenities
Appears on Page 51

Where in the World? Correct Answers