This is the September 2012 issue


Suzi Colman shows off the flamingo found on her outing with the Hadza huntsmen.
Hunting with the Hadza
Appears on Page 6

Travelers' Intercom

Global Entry program ‘how to’
Appears on Page 11
A thatch-roofed cottage near Santana, Madeira.
Picturesque Madeira
Appears on Page 14

Essay Contest Winners

My Mania is Tasmania - Winners
Appears on Page 50


An accordion player welcomes Noordam passengers to the port of Samaná, Domincan
Islands as easy as ABC
The Cruising World

By Lew Toulmin
Appears on Page 56
The preexisting-condition clause
Eye on Travel Insurance

By Wayne Wirtanen
Appears on Page 58
Medical adventures: Anecdotes from 65 years of travel
The Discerning Traveler

By Philip Wagenaar
Appears on Page 61
Climbing one of the world’s longest city walls, in Ston, Croatia.
Adriatic Adventure: Dubrovnik, Croatia, to Bosnia & Herzegovina
Far Horizons

By Randy Keck
Appears on Page 63

Funniest Thing

Where in the World? Correct Answers