"Funny Stuff" suggested by Guest yesterday.

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I am trying hard to think of something funny , maybe worthy of a chuckle or two. Possibly even hilarious....... nahh. <br /><br />Funny is when you are going over your photos later at home and see someone learing at you over your shoulder in Istanbul. Funny is when a huge black spider scoots under your bed in Port Au Prince , Haiti creating near hysteria.<br />Funny could be as wedding photos are being taken in Hermitage Square, St. Petersburg, Russia a big gust of wind blows the brides dress up covering her face completely. <br />Funny, again in Haiti is when while doing my morning stretch's on the balcony I notice someone hiding up in a palm tree watching me........ Yuck.<br /><br />Funny doesn't seem to enter into these ramblings anywhere near an airport tho.. ....... We could all use a laugh, join me in &quot;Funny Stuff&quot;.

Which guest on what post had these amusing recollections ?

It is on Pg. 4 of the recent Smartours postings and was posted Oct.24.

there is nothing posted there as far as funny recollectionslooks like they were suggesting to start a forum for people to post their experiences with situations that may have been humorous, which this post has started.the magazine has a page where people do report their stories and it obvously popular as they have had it in virtually every issue for many years

"Funny Stuff "................. A group of about 18 of us from the hotel Melia signed up for a day trip to Tangiers. Starting at 5 am and driving along the coast of Spain to the hydrofoil. .At every stop anxious vendors would press for a sale. If you caught his eye you might have well have purchased the item. At the end of the day with the harbor in sight the vendors pressed even harder for a sale as we walked faster and faster to be on our way with lingering memories of Tangiers and a seat on the boat. ..........we all burst out laughing . A great day indeed.