OATs Aegean trip

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<p>Has anyone taken the OATs Treasures of the Aegean trip. I am trying to find out how the food is. Am concerned that it might be made with too much lemon. What type of food do the serve? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks. </p>

Hopefully, I'm not taken as being flip here but have you asked OAT? Have you identified your concerns and asked them to respond?
Obviously asking folks who have taken the trip is a good idea but, in addition to that query, going to the source might be something you should consider.
Enjoy your trip.

Geoff has a good idea to go directly to the source. Also ask OAT to put your dietary requirements in the notes they send to the guide. Ask them when you book the trip , then remind them about a month before departure. Your guide most likely will email you about two weeks before departure for any last minute questions,etc. Let him know that your food cannot contain lemons also.
I've been on OAT trips where someone had gluten-free requirements, and another had diabetic requirements. In both cases, guides bent over backwards to make sure their needs were met.

Thanks for the advice. Will do that.