Amazon River

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Has anyone used Amazon Clipper Cruises out of Manaus, Brazil? We are planning to take a river cruise with them and I appreciate any info, reviews, etc.

It's been some years since I was there, but I agree that you should bear in mind just how wide the Amazon can be. When you're on the Amazon itself, the shorelines may be too far away to see much. Pay particular attention in the itinerary to shore visits and visits down tributaries in smaller boats.

When I went to the Amazon I was warned not to take a cruise because you would not see much if any wildlife. We booked a wonderful lodge on an island in the Amazon which took a long jeep ride and 6 hours on a motor boat to reach. From there we took daily boat excursions and saw tons of wildlife besides the wildlife around the lodge, fished for pirhana and our chef cooked it for us. It was incredibly clean, the food and people were wonderful and the price was very reasonable. Brazil Nuts Tours booked it for us. I would love to go again.