Trod the Twenty-Four

Spent time in all 24 time zones?

Have you been around the world and back? Then perhaps you meet the requirements for ITN's “Trod the 24” award.


The world is divided into 24 time zones, starting at the meridian of zero degrees longitude at Greenwich, England. Each time zone is 15 degrees wide. For the sake of this award, half-hour zones and out-of-zone artificial time changes will be ignored. Use your best judgment.

This award is based on the 24 true, world-map time zones of 15 degrees each. Consult a current Atlas or world map; run a Google search for "longitude (name of location)," or visit

The applicant must have actually walked on the ground at a location in each of the world’s 24 time zones. The country in which you reside does not count.

(Readers who live in any of the contiguous 48 states may count Alaska and Hawaii. Readers in Alaska and Hawaii, if you live in one, you may count the other.)


Those who have visited all 24 zones may apply by sending a letter, and/or map, listing each country — along with a city and its longitudinal location — that was visited in each time zone. Plus the year of the visit. We have a form here to write out your list.

Also indicate the year of the visit.

There is a fee of $7 (payable to ITN) to cover the cost and mailing of the 8½"x11" certificate (personalized with your name and suitable for framing), mailed unfolded.

The application should be addressed to Trod the 24 award, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818.

Those receiving the Trod the 24 award will have their names listed in ITN.


This is a true traveler’s award and it is called “Trod” quite intentionally. Please do not diminish the feat (pun intentional) of others by entering a country for award credit if (for example) your only contact with that country was when the aircraft landed for fuel and you never even left the plane.