North & Central Asia Travel Award

An interesting 6.

Palm trees, papadams and Persian palaces. . . . If the exotic East is calling, perhaps one of ITN's newest awards is for you! To earn the award, set foot in all 6 of the destinations listed. 

To receive your certificate(s), print out this page and check off all of the countries you have visited (you’re on the honor system here; we do not demand proof) and send it to ITN Asia Award, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, along with payment of $7 for each certificate requested. You may enclose a check (payable to ITN) or credit card info (Visa, M/C and AmEx accepted; include card number, expiration date and signature). You will be sent a personalized certificate measuring 8½"x11", mailed flat (without creases) and suitable for framing. Names of award recipients will be printed in ITN.

North & Central

  •  Kazakhstan
  •  Kyrgyzstan
  •  Siberian Russia
  •  Tajikistan
  •  Turkmenistan
  •  Uzbekistan