East & Southeast Asia Travel Award

17 is the goal.

Palm trees, papadams and Persian palaces. . . . If the exotic East is calling, perhaps one of ITN's newest awards is for you! To earn the award, set foot in all 17 of the destinations listed. 

To receive your certificate(s), print out this page and check off all of the countries you have visited (you’re on the honor system here; we do not demand proof) and send it to ITN Asia Award, c/o ITN, 2116 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818, along with payment of $7 for each certificate requested. You may enclose a check (payable to ITN) or credit card info (Visa, M/C and AmEx accepted; include card number, expiration date and signature). You will be sent a personalized certificate measuring 8½"x11", mailed flat (without creases) and suitable for framing. Names of award recipients will be printed in ITN.

East & Southeast

  •  Brunei
  •  Cambodia
  •  China (including Hong Kong and Macau)
  •  Indonesia
  •  Japan
  •  Korea, North
  •  Korea, South
  •  Laos
  •  Malaysia
  •  Mongolia
  •  Myanmar
  •  Philippines
  •  Singapore
  •  Taiwan
  •  Thailand
  •  Timor-Leste
  •  Vietnam