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The canals of Leiden are especially beautiful at sunset.
Exploring southern Holland by bike, bus and on foot while using the city of Leiden, crossed by canals, as a base
My husband, Bob, and I are in our 80s, and when we travel we like to go a little more slowly and stay longer in each place. We’d rather cook our own meals and eat less than what restaurants generally serve.
For Barbara Johnson of Sierra Vista, Arizona, ITN printed her plea for names of companies offering overseas tours geared to active octogenarians and nonagenarians (Jan. ’10, pg. 56 & April ’10, pgs. 32 & 69).
A few months ago we asked you to share the following.
My wife, Margaret, and I spent a week in the Ticino region of Switzerland and another week in Venice, both stays organized by Untours (Media, PA; 888/868-6871).
This will be a sort of omnibus opus of several items I have delayed writing about.
My wife, Margaret, and I spent 3½ weeks in Greece in September ’05, and for the first two weeks we were based in Nafplio, less than two hours west of Athens by car. We had arranged to rent an apartment through Untours (Box 405, Media, PA 19063; 888/868-6871).