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In 2005 I made a vow that in 10 years I would revisit a topic of increasing concern at that time: “Is the US airline industry moving in the direction of becoming a monopoly?”  Forty-seven years ago, in 1968, Simon and Garfunkel lamented to a war-weary American public, in the famous line from the
In May, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways all raised their ticket-change fees from $150 to $200 for US domestic, restricted-class tickets. In July, Alaska Airlines increased its change fee from $75 to $100, and in August Air Tran increased its to $150.
I was booked to go to Cuba with Tauck (800/788-7885) at the beginning of November ’12, but Hurricane Sandy closed Newark Liberty Airport. Tauck allowed me to cancel and applied all the money I had paid them to my next trip with them. 
The editor’s piece on frequent-flyer-mile programs raised some thoughts (Jan. ’13, pg. 2).
The final steps in the merger of United Airlines and Continental Airlines took place on March 2, 2012, as the last Continental flight landed, the remaining “Continental” signs at airports were removed, its separate ticket counters closed, the “CO” code stopped being printed on tickets, both airli
I agree 100% with the subscriber’s comment in the letter “Security Absurdity” (March ’11, pg. 29): EZE Airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is inconsistent with security.
United Airlines and Continental Airlines will be using a new logo after the merger of the two airlines in early 2011. The logo will incorporate the name “United” and Continental’s globe image.
I would like to add my comments to the experience that Daniel M. Mitchell had attempting to use frequent-flyer miles with United Airlines (“Frequent-flyer Seats Sparse,” Dec. ’08, pg. 25).