Turfantastik articles

I am so grateful to ITN subscriber Nancy Anderson (Feb. ’07, pg. 67), who told of her excellent experiences with Mehmet Ozbalci, owner of Turfantastik (Millet cad. Inan Is Hani No.
Thank you, Bruce Kerfoot (April ’06, pg. 83), for recommending Mehmet Ozbalci of Turfantastik Tours (Istanbul, Turkey; phone +90 212 589 33 25 or fax 589 32 56).
Regarding tours to Turkey, a reader (Feb. ’07, pg. 67) recommended Mehmet Ozbalci of TurFantastik (Millet cad.
Six of us toured western Turkey in 2004 with Mehmet Ozbalci of Turfantastik (Milet cas. Inan Is Hani No:5/610, Aksaray, Istanbul, Turkey; phone [90] 212-589 33 25, fax 586 32 56) and committed to another journey with him in 2005.
Being loyal ITN subscribers, and packrats, we scanned several years of back issues as we researched our October-November ’05 trip to Turkey. We found a reader’s referral (May ’99, pg.