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The largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean International’s Allure of the Seas, will be put in dry dock on Feb. 24 to repair its propulsion units. Booked passengers can apply for a 100% refund or rebook other itineraries with RCI at the same rate. 
Back in the good old days of the 1950s, most ocean liners had a few single cabins available for their single customers. The builders of those ships realized that, yes, there actually were single people in the population! 
Geiranger village seen from Ørnesvingen (Eagle’s Bend) Lookout. The road to the lookout is full of hairpin curves like the one on the left. Photo: Prindle
There is an old Norwegian saying: all Bergen babies are born with umbrellas.
The website Special Needs at Sea (800/513-4515 or 954/585-0575) now posts the accessibility features of the ships of four cruise lines: Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International. 
As of November 2012, legally binding weddings may be conducted aboard ships of Royal Caribbean International (866/562-7625) registered in the Bahamas.
A friend and I had single cabins on Royal Caribbean International’s Jewel of the Seas for the “12-Night Scandinavia and Russia Cruise” round trip from Harwich, England, to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia, May 18-30, 2011.
The Great Recession has not caused a stoppage in cruise-ship construction, although building has slowed somewhat, and no new giant megaships are on the horizon.
My cruises are portions of longer trips, up to two months in duration, and because this octogenarian doesn’t want to struggle with luggage or porters, he travels light — an old nylon garment bag with big zippered pockets slung on one shoulder and a carry-on nylon shoulder bag on the other.