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My husband, Mike, and I took a 27-day segment of a ’round-the-world cruise with Princess Cruises (Santa Clarita, CA; 800/774-6237). 
In the article “Things To Do Before You Cruise,” in his August ’13 “T
To cruise or not to cruise? That is the question. Cost is not the major drawback. What to consider is your body, your patience, your endurance and your ability to find pleasure in many new experiences.
As we all know, one of the problems that can occur on a cruise ship is an outbreak of norovirus. Cruise lines go to great lengths to keep that from happening.
On Aug. 13, 2010, I booked a cruise for my wife and myself on the Ocean Princess, selecting it because we were particularly interested in the stops in Japan and Russia.
My wife and I decided to try the pre-cruise package offered by Princess Cruises (800/774-6237) before our “Top of the World” cruise from Dover, England, to Brooklyn, New York, July 20-Aug. 7, 2011.
The Great Recession has not caused a stoppage in cruise-ship construction, although building has slowed somewhat, and no new giant megaships are on the horizon.
By far, the company most recommended by those who responded to our “Person to Person” request for a good, reliable guide in Cape Town, South Africa, was Africa 2000 Tours (Knysna, South Africa; phone +27 44 3841262), owned and operated by