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View of Pitigliano, Italy
My wife, Rosalie, and I were in Italy in June ’11 and visited the hilltop town of Pitigliano in southern Tuscany. There’s no train station in Pitigliano, which is two hours north of Rome and about 30 miles southeast of Grosseto. A car is recommended. After you enter the town through the defensive wall, it’s best to park near the town hall. This wonderful medieval town is small enough to walk around in on foot.
Carol Mullett raising a bridge on the Llangollen Canal.
Narrow boating is the ultimate do-it-yourself activity. You not only run the boat, cook and housekeep but operate the locks and raise the bridges on the canal or river.
My husband, Jim, and I took a month-long road trip through northern Spain and Portugal, May 24-June 23, 2011.