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Careful planning and embracing the unexpected turns a family vacation into a trip of a lifetime
Of these three AutoBank ATMs on the left, we used the second and third machines.
On a small-group tour of Southern Africa in May ’13 that we booked with Africa 2000 Tours (Knysna, South Africa), a wonderful company and a frequent advertiser in ITN, I learned a few lessons about precautions
A curious giraffe in the bush in the Okavango Delta.
A 6-week journey through Southern Africa continues, with 
luxury resort stays, magnificent wildlife and an inspiring look at charitable work being done in the area
The Christ Church (Christuskirche) in Windhoek, Namibia.
From the city to the bush — a journey of a lifetime begins (first of two parts)
By far, the company most recommended by those who responded to our “Person to Person” request for a good, reliable guide in Cape Town, South Africa, was Africa 2000 Tours (Knysna, South Africa; phone +27 44 3841262), owned and operated by
Prior to a 3-week tour of Botswana, Zambia and South Africa, my husband, Maurice, and I flew in three days early to Johannesburg and met our guides, Gill and Graham Maskell of Africa 2000 Tours (P.O.
Re my husband, Maurice’s, picture of Tembe National Elephant Park in South Africa (Aug. ’08, pg. 90), ITN neglected to include my comment that our tour there was planned and arranged by Gill and Graham Maskell of Africa 2000 (P.O.
A query in ITN’s “Person to Person” section led to a deluge of recommendations for Africa 2000 (P.O. Box 1204, Hilton 3245, South Africa; phone +27 33 3433911, fax 3431786).