Where is everybody?

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A week with no postings on this message board!!! Where is everybody?? I miss it.

OOPS1 My error. Missed the two today. But it was a long dry spell there!

Are we supposed to check in here? Have been in Argentina since Feb. 28 on an Elderhostel program. Am currently in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia, heading later today to Ushuaia (the bottom of the world). Have seen lots of Magellan penguins and sea lions in the past two days. This is a nature lover´s paradise.

Looks like this message board got started about 10 years ago. Clicking on "last page" got me this sad and forlorn posting by the ITN folks. Well I suppose they should be happy that 10 yrs later there are 50 pages of postings and the board seem alive and well